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The goal of She Is Focused & Fit is to create opportunities where we normalize utilizing transformative spaces to promote physical and mental health and wellness. Through hiking, running, cycling, and other physical activities, we foster social and emotional bonds with ourselves, with others and with nature, creating a network and balance between people and the environment.

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She Is Focused & Fit stemmed from my desire to promote health and wellness among women and girls. However, this idea did not truly come into fruition until the quarantine as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During quarantine, I recognized two things: how isolation and having very little social interaction not only impacted my mental health but the mental health of others around me. I also saw how, with isolation, people, myself included, were forced into a state of reflection. We were placed in a position where for a long time, things felt static. I saw this as the perfect opportunity— the catalyst if you will.


She Is Focused & Fit started off as an idea and is transforming into this movement that highlights the importance of radical self-care and making the outdoors an inclusive and freeing space for women and girls. Here at She Is Focused & Fit, we aim to use a more inclusive, holistic, and comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

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