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Ajoa Abrokwa, the founder of She Is Focused, is a multisport mom from Philadelphia, PA and has lived in the area most of her life.  She attended Hampton University and Temple University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and a Master of Science degree in Health Administration and Health Education from Saint Joseph’s University.


She discovered early in life the importance of self-care, and how focusing on physical fitness is an ultimate form of self-care. Ajoa has always been about this work. She enjoys and recognizes the importance of health and well-being, especially with regard to women’s health and well-being. Her early experiences include specializing in maternal and child health, with a focus on women, children, families, and communities.


Over the past twenty years, she has moved from serving in the public health and community development field to leading and implementing change in this area addressing various disparity gaps underscored by the social determinants of health. It has always been a professional and personal belief of hers to embrace diversity and multicultural relationships. In staying true to her values, she extended her community development and outreach efforts internationally by working in Ghana, West Africa; Mecca, Saudi Arabia and Consuelo, Dominican Republic. She has found these experiences both rewarding and enlightening. During her time as a scholar and professional, she valued professional and personal development. She was the recipient of a few healthcare leadership honors, sat on numerous boards, and served as a fellow for public health education program initiatives throughout the City of Philadelphia.


In Ajoa’s journey of re-discovering her personal love for the outdoors and for sports, her work focusing on women’s health and well-being has transformed and now ventures beyond her professional work and service engagements. Ajoa has been a lifelong athlete; however, about four years ago, she found herself re-visiting her love for running, and over the past two years, she has developed a love for cycling. After participating in several competitive cycling events such as a triathlon relay with the D.I.S.K. Triathlon Organization, ToAD Crit Race Series as a recipient of “Thee Abundance Mini Grant,” and a few other individual and team multisport events, Ajoa immediately felt a connection to cycling and is in constant pursuit of both self-improvement and community impact. Moreover, Ajoa was featured in the “Gear of the Year” issue of Bicycling Magazine and had a documentary created about her life using cycling as a way to combat the mental challenges of the pandemic titled “From Quarantine to Q.R.T.” Produced by Love Now Media.

She Is Focused is the result of the alignment of passion, purpose, and practice, and we hope that throughout your journey with She Is Focused, you too can learn of the importance of centering health and wellness.

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